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How do you perform whenyou’re on your period?

Hi, my name is Ava Mystic, and I’m a cam model.

Hi, my name is Nikita Banks, and I’m a cam model, and today we’ll be answering questions that you’ve always had about camming.

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What is the most unique prop or costume you’ve used on camera?


My gadgets, like thetoys I use on camera. – Oh, vampire costume.

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There’s one toy where theperson on the other side of the camera can controlthe toy, so it’s awesome. – Does your family know what you do? –

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At this moment my family does know, but at the beginning when Istarted like four years ago,

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I was kind of afraid of their reaction. – Inevitably I had to have this conversation with my parents.


When I told my momshe was pretty shocked, but she didn’t shun me or anything, and we got over it, and it’s all good now. – Have you ever becomeattracted to a client? – Yes, yes. – I have become attractedto a client before. – Not just one. More.

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I really discovered some members there that are extremely smart and wise. So yes, I was attracted with more like, it’s first the mind.


The way they talk. – It never goes further than online. – It doesn’t go any further because we kind of knowwhat it’s all about. – How do you perform whenyou’re on your period? (laughing) – What a question.

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I did not expect they did this. – I prefer to not toperform or to go online when I am on my period. – We have a whole week to get to know each otherwithout getting intimate.

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If you are smart enough, there are other ways than being nude in order to attract someone, and you can always use your voice, your smile, your eyes.


What is the most moneyyou’ve made in one session? $1,200.00. – $1,400.00. – Around $1,000.00 or something like that. – What are some dirtytalk tips you can give? – Think outside the box.


You have to be more opento your significant other about your desires, aboutyour hidden fetishes.


Some of my favorite lines are why don’t you come over here, and let me drain your balls?


Just I will (beep) this open. (laughing) – In any case, be open. – What is the hardestpart of being a cam model? – There are a lot of guysjust calling us names because we do this job, and even the guys that visit those kind of sites.


They’re calling us names, they’re treating us not so good. So I think keep our headsup is probably the hardest.


The hardest part, but atthe same time the funnest I guess is dealing with thedifferent people and fetishes.


I think that’s the hardest part just because it can be kind of draining.


At the same time though, asit being the hardest part I think it’s one of the best parts because you get to just see all types of avenues of different things and people. – Do you have any plans tochange careers in the future?


I think that when youstart to be a cam model, it’s like you have to have some goals, because it’s very easy to earn money,


so I think you should dosomething wise with your money and invest in something, because you cannot be allyour life a cam model.

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I would love to havea house in mountains and like to make it a cabinor to check in tourists.


I’m already in the mist of trying to become a sex therapist, which is kind of in the same realm.


I think this kind ofgives me kudos to move on and do that along withof course my schooling.


I would say that thisjob changed me a lot. Before I was starting I was really shy.


I could never have theballs to say like this to dominate the men or things like that. I was extremely shy.


Being as a model can be very creative, very entertaining, very fun.


It’s how you are, youget to express yourself in front of thousand of people.


I discovered many things about myself. I never knew that I can be sensual.


Come, see us have fun, talk, whatever.

My job is not for everyone. I think that’s reallyimportant, a lot of young girls see me and theylike what I look like,


they like what my apartment looks like, they like my pets and they think, “I want all that.”

But they don’t reallyunderstand the job behind it, and they just see what I literally want people to see.


My name is Ashe Maree, hi! And we are in my apartment.


Alright, so let’s go into my cam room. I love my cam room,


Ifeel like every cam model should have a space thatthey create for camming that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as like, comforting,

becauseentertaining for a large audience is very nerve-racking, and it takes me like two hours to getcamera ready, usually. HD web camera

bright lights, you know, and everyone’s gonna be looking generally everywhere so might as well look great. Well,


we’re selling,we’re generally selling a sexual fantasy muchlike in every other aspect of sex work we’re…


There’s like a personalaspect to it you know, you’re usually in thecam model’s own house.


They are able to generallytalk about themselves and somewhat be honest,maybe embellish a little bit to make themselves seem cooler, but I mean, for themost part you’re getting a really personalexperience, even if you’re going there only for the boobies and only for the booty, you’regonna leave with some personality whether you like it or not.


There’s no way thatyou cannot see that the cam model is a living,breathing, feeling person. I never actually thought that he’d be helping me


Yeah, no. That was not the intention,but our professions kind of worked out. We work together reallywell, because we’re in a relationship,



so that really helps. Okay, ready?- [Ashe] Mhm. I had never done any kind of adult stuff in front of like, recording adult stuff in front of anyone.


And I’ve never had anyone do adult things in frontof me while I had to sit there and record it. – [Ashe] And I mean, heunderstands who I actually am,


what I actually like, so there’s no outside expectationfor me to be performing something that I don’t want. Alright, so this is my booty mirror.


I get real creative. I have a bunch of stuffed animals, which at 22-years-old Ihave trouble justifying. There’s like, coffee and spaghetti on him and he has a hole in his crotch, it’s very embarrassing.


Being a traditionallyattractive woman on the internet usually meansthat you’re gonna get a lot of young girls following you.


That’s a new thing I had to get used to, especially with Instagram, there’s so many little girls,


so I try to keep a balance of reality in there, youknow, that it’s a tough job, that it requires a thick skin, that I have


definitelyhad to learn to grow. ‘Cause I did not have a thick skin before camming, that was… Or before social media. Being a feminist on the internet is…


Pretty much means thatyou’re gonna get a bunch of men that are disagreeing with you purely on that alone,or harassing you purely for that reason alone. So my being a cam model on top of being a feminist has justput a huge, huge target on my forehead.


I think the most commonthing associated with cam models, like thething that you assume, is they must be socomfortable with their body.


I, like any other normal human being, had self-esteem issues growing up.


I started losing a bunch of weight because I have health issues,I have digestive issues that we don’t knowexactly what they are yet. Doctors are kind of stumped.


I have received two notifications today from Instagram that a”friend” is a very concerned that I have an eating disorder.


Apparently this friend can’t read, ’cause I posted literally two days ago about my health issues. So if you could stopgetting my photos removed for being too skinny, I’d like that.


So, I lost all thisweight, suddenly I was what I wanted to be, what Ithought I wanted to be which was thin.



And I hated my bodymore than anything else. It took me so long afterI lost all the weight to really just accept that this is what my body looks like now ,and that it may change, that I may be able to get healthier, and workout, but thisis what my body looks like now, and I need to accept that or I can’t work.


My body might not change,and I still love my job and I’m still gonna do it regardless, I’m still gonna get naked no matter how skinny I get, you know.


Accepting that andaccepting that I needed to stop being so damn meanto myself about my body in general, like no matterwhat it looked like,


changed my entire life. Like, made me a much happier person,

much more content, not just with my job. So that’s cool.


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But look, look, look! CaseTiFY– Where’s my phone? Here it is. CaseTiFY lets you havethe best of both worlds, okay? They have military grade drop protection, and a stylish phone casethat you’ll actually want to show off.


This one’s cute. It kinda looks like– ‘Cause it moves. If you’re like easily entertained,like me, this is exciting. I’m like “Oh! Oooh!”.


CaseTiFY has a dual layer case, which features innovative,shockproof material, for twice the protection,and will keep your phone safe throughout drops ofmore than six feet.


So, if you’ve got slippery fingers,CaseTiFY is for you. With CaseTiFY there are so many options and designs to choose from.


You can customize your caseand make it your own. This was the previous one I was using,I still use this one, I like it.


I mean like, you cancustomize any of the cases and have them sayobviously whatever you want. I drew a blankand I was like “Bailey!”.


CaseTiFY has partnered withdesigners and artists like The Rolling Stones, Sarah Jessica Parker,Hello Kitty, Coca Cola, I mean the list goes on. Maybe one day Bailey Sarian could like makea case, wouldn’t that be cool? I mean I’d be open to it if they’re down, but like if they’re not down,that’s okay too, but like y’know. I’m down.



So, I clicked it. And boy, was it a wild ride. You can watch on YouTube,the whole court trial, they uploaded all the footagefrom the court trial. Of course, they leave out likethe graphic pictures and whatnot, which is good, I don’t thinkany of us should be seeing that. But, it’s gotta be liketwo weeks’ worth of footage. There’s just a lot of footage, so, I’m gonna tell you the storyso you don’t have to watch all that. But you can watch it,and I’ll link some down below. Wow! This story’s got… It’s just… Let’s just get right into it. Today’s story takes placein Chuluota, Florida. Let’s start off withjust the family in general. There are kind of a lot of names,it can get a bit confusing but, bear with me,I’m gonna try my best. So, Margaret and Chad Amato.


They had three sons and theylived in Chuluota, Florida, like I had said. The oldest son, Jason,wasn’t Chad’s biological son, but Chad adopted him at the age of threeand cared for him as his own. So, Jason considered Chad to be his father. And soon after,Margaret and Chad got married, and then had two more sons. So, they went on to have Cody,who was the middle son, and then Grant,who was the youngest.


All three boys were said togrow up really close, and they did everything together.


They were big into sports,played outside, went to football games and seemed tojust have like a really great relationship. I mean so it seems, y’know? You never know what’sgoing on behind closed doors, but it just sounded like it was good. I put tape over hereif you’re wondering what that is

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. So, Margaret and Chad,they provided a pretty good life, or– Yeah, a very good life I would say. Because they lived in thisbig beautiful ass house. They seemed to be doing financially well. They had this big home. They had nice cars.


They had gaming systems, computers


I mean all the materialistic stuff,it seemed y’know, that they had it all. Must I say more? No.


Margaret, the mom, she loved horses.


She adopted a retired racehorse. She had like a stable whereshe kept the horses, and would go down to the stablesand work with her horse. She was passionate about horses,and if she wasn’t inside the home, then you could find herdown at the stable. Margaret worked for a health care company as a client operations manager. And her husband, Chad,was a clinical pharmacist at a local CVS, but he also had a secondjob/hobby working on computers, and building computers as well. Growing up it was said thatthe home was pretty loving, but Chad, their dad,could be very strict, very old school type of guy, y’know? Where there’s was never anyphysical abuse going on in the home, but also, it was just likeyou didn’t want to piss Chad off, you didn’t want to piss your dad off.


He was just stricter, and he hadrules that you had to follow, and if you didn’t wanna follow his rules,then you could get out, y’know. So, the oldest son, Jason,he ended up moving out when he was like19 years old, around that age.


He would go on to starthis own family as well. He said that he was stillreally close to his family. He would visit the homeon holidays. He was always welcome, and he tried to bearound when he could, but again, he had his own life,and his own family. So, it was just every so often.


During their high school years, Cody and Grant were saidto do everything together. Cody was onlyone year older than Grant, so, they were pretty close in age.


They both were like on the weightlifting teamtogether at their high school, they played video games together, they built their owncomputers together. Yeah, learning how to do sofrom their father, ’cause their fatherdid the same thing.


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Also, the family, everyone seemedto own their own guns. And they were a big gun familyit seemed like? I don’t know. But they all had their own guns, and they often went to likethe shooting range together, and both Cody and Grant alsostarted their own airsoft league. Just a side note, you’re probably wonderingwhat the hell I’m doing on my eyes. Your guess is as good as mine.


I really don’t know. Now it was said that Grant, the youngest,he was a bit of a loner, he was kind of like the odd ball. Well, Cody seemed to be likehis only friend. Any friends that were Cody’s friends though,were Grant’s friends, but it seemed like those friends wouldn’tnecessarily just invite Grant out. Y’know what I’m saying? Like, it was that type of deal whereGrant seemed to rely on Cody to provide friends. So, Grant, the youngest,he went on to attend UCF, and then in 2011,he got his nursing degree.


And he wanted to get into the medical fieldlike pretty much the rest of his family, ’cause all of his family at this point wasworking in the medical field. So then in 2018, Grant, was then 29– He was either 28/29 at the time.


But he was fired from the hospitalthat he was working at, because… Mhm Grant. He was accused of stealingeight vials of propofol, a heavy-duty sedativethat’s typically used during surgery. Grant was caught with eight vials of it,like in his pocket, like he was gonna take home, party or something,we don’t know, we don’t know. Grant was caught. And he was arrested, and in the arrest reportit said that Grant admitted to stealing the drugto give to patients, that he felt were not being adequately sedatedby doctor ordered medication.


He was arrested andcharged with grand theft, but in November the chargeswere dropped.


It’s believed that the charges were dropped, because Grant was claimingthat he was giving this medication to other patients at the hospital,which potentially could open up lawsuits against the hospitalif it were true. It’s believed that Grant wasn’t actuallygiving this to his patients, that he was actually just going totake it home, and use it himself, but there isn’t any proof of that,so it was just completely dropped, because potentially it couldopen up lawsuits, and all that jazz. ♫ And all that jazz! ♫

That’s what it always comes down to. Money. Lawsuits. Not about the right thing, huh? So, at this time when Grant gets fired,he’s still living with his mom and dad, and again, he’s about 28/29, and then also Cody is stillliving with his parents as well. So, it’s Cody, Grant,Margaret and Chad, all living togetherunder one roof, okay? Now his family is justvery upset with him, disappointed with him obviously, and it became a very heated topicwhen the family would push him, ask him questions like “When are you gonna get a job?”. Y’know, parents, asking questions. Like when am I gonna get a job? But they would get into arguments, because Grant just kinda fell into,what seemed to be, a depression.


He didn’t seem to be motivatedat all to get a new job. Yeah, any time his parents brought it up,it would just start a fight. The parents seemed to just kinda begetting frustrated with Grant, because he’s living rent free, y’know? Has no job, and everyone was paying for whatever Grant needed at that time,and when he asked. They would just give him money. When Grant’s parents wouldrefuse to give him money, he would ask his brother Cody,who again was the older brother, and often times, Cody would give him moneyfor anything that he needed. So pretty much, everybody was”taking care” of Grant, while he was trying to find a job. Now Grant spent a lot of his timeon his computer, or gaming, and he was home all the timewith like nothing to do, because he didn’t have a job.


So what’s like a lonely person, looking for somesweet loving gonna do? Y’know? Well, he found his wayto a website called MyFreeCam.com. Not sponsored.


It was an X rated website,where you could chat with, or even just viewdifferent cam girls, and pay for like one on one… Video… Sex… Chat… Boom, kind of website. Now if you don’t know whata cam girl website is, that’s a great question.


A Cam Girl website is where women,even men too, don’t get me wrong, can go on there and like, you canjust be like all sexy and like (quiet vocal grunts) And then people can pay you,to chat with you, and it’s really up to the cam girl or guy,how far they wanna go, like if whether it be like some sexual stuff,or if it’s just more PG 13. It’s all up to them


. But it can get, y’know,way more X rated, as they say. So, Grant is on there, right? When he’s looking around,he finds this woman, she’s a Cam model, and her name is Silvie,and she’s from Bulgaria. Silvie.


Now Grant fell in lovewith Silvie, okay? She was beautiful,she was smart, plus, she would makehim feel special. Now Grant would keepcoming back to see Silvieon the website, they would talk for hours,and Grant just felt like he was truly in an intimate relationship withthis woman, Silvie.


He told Silvie that he was a very successful,professional gamer, and that he drove a fancy BMW,and he was living in his own apartment, creating a new personafor himself online. I mean, why not? Y’know? The internet doesn’t knowif you’re lying or not.


It was said that Grant wouldspend hours upon hours online, watching Silvie model and dance online. He would also getone on one time with Silvie, where she would model for him and/or do sexual things online,while Grant was watching.


Now Grant would pay in order to watch,or have one on one time with her,


but he felt the moremoney he spent with this persona he was y’know,putting out there, the more attention he wasreceiving from Silvie. I’m sure this attention was just nice. It probably felt nice. ”


Somebody likes me!”, y’know? Grant said that in order to watch Silvie,it costed 90 tokens per minute. And Grant had purchased5,000 tokens for $600.


Math. Which means he would get about an hour,or 56 minutes of Silvie’s time for $600.


I’m in the wrong business. As their relationship continued,Grant would mail Silvie sex toys or lingerie that she would model for him. And at first, Grant was spendingabout four hours a night watching Silvie, which was costing himaround $2500 a day. In November of 2019,bank statements showed that Grant was spendingup to $20,000 a NIGHT. Sending this money to Silvie,in tips, while he watched. $20,000 a night.


Grant was just growing moreand more out of control, like this is just– Sounds like a full-blown addiction.


Now you’re probably wondering,well how the hell was he getting his money? Because he didn’t have a job, right?


He wasn’t working, and he was dedicatinga lot of his time to just watching Silvie. So, it was said that he was getting the moneyfrom his parents’ credit cards, and also, by hacking theirbank accounts, or his brother, Cody would give him moneyfrom time to time. Nobody really knewwhat it was going towards, but yeah. Now, it’s unclear at what pointGrant’s parents had caught on, but it was said that Chad and Margarethad confronted Grant about these like $600 charges that they wereseeing in their bank accounts. And Grant had told his parents, that he was spendingthe money on Twitch, promoting his account so he would growin followers and subscribers, and in the long run thatit would pay off.


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Because if you area video game streamer, I mean, I think theymake a lot of money, right? So, Grant’s mother, father, and his brother,they knew that he was like, stealing and spending a large amount of money.


They’re unsure if they knew what exactlyit was for, like what the truth was, but any time is was brought up,it was just again, like a heated topic. Cody tried to be thecalm one in the family, he tried to tell Grant “Hey, I’ll be here, and I’ll help youin any way.” “And I can help you like,pay everybody back.”, and he was just the onewho seemed to be trying to keep the peace in the family,and keep everybody calm. Cody just seemed likehe was always trying to protect Grant. So earlier I said that the parents hadlooked at their bank statements from 2019, it was from 2018, sorry.


In December of 2018, Grant,and his brother Cody, plus a friend named Jericho, they went on a trip to Japan. The group was really into anime, and was looking forward to goingand seeing the art, the culture, and just anime. I believe there was likea studio out there, an animation studio that they were reallyexcited about, but they all went. Now because Grant had no money,Cody, his brother, ended up covering all costsfor him to go.


I know. It was said that the last daythat they were in Japan, Grant told Cody and his friend,that he wasn’t feeling very well, and that he wanted to stay behind. While the two others went out, to kinda adventure arounda little bit before they left. So later on, it was discoveredthat Grant actually had taken, or stolen I should say,their friend Jericho’s credit card, and he went to a place with Wi-Fi,and used the card to pay and watch Silvie, while the other two were away.


The friend, allegedly I should say,he didn’t notice that the card was gone, until he got a notification or a phone callfrom his parent, asking like “Why are you charging this large amount?”, ’cause it was like $600. “Why are you charging–Like what is this charge?”


And that’s when they realized that,Grant had taken his card. I mean he sounds likea drug addict, right? He’s just gotta get his Silvie fix. Now, when the brothershad returned home, things got heated. Grant’s father was


disappointedthat Grant still didn’t have a job, and that he wasn’t reallydoing anything with his life, except for spendingeverybody else’s money, and putting everyone into debt. At the end of December of 2018,


their father, Chad, was lookingat his bank records again, and discovered that a lot moremoney was missing, which he then asked Grant about it,and it led to an argument. Now, Grant ended up leavingthe home that day, and he just kinda drove offinto the night, right? And this was onDecember 19th of 2018. His mother called 911,and she expressed that, y’know, she was worried about him,because he seemed really depressed, and she believed he may havebeen possibly suicidal.


Margaret, then told the police thatshe had received a text from Grant saying “I’m really tired of everything, justgoing to handle it my own way”.


Grant ended up drivingout to his aunt’s home, which wasn’t too far, it was in Florida. I think it was in Orange County,can’t remember sorry.


But he ended up driving outto his aunt’s home, he asked if he couldstay there with her, and she agreed,she let him in.


His aunt said thathe seemed very depressed, she had noticed that he just seemed likehe was lost; he just wasn’t there. She also noticed that Grant would beasleep all day, and then stay up all night.


His aunt and uncle,they also had guns in the home, and they thought it would be bestif they took the guns, they locked them up, at least whileGrant was staying there, because he just seemed very down.


So, a few days go by,and his aunt looks at her bank account. And what does she see? Yes. Grant again,what the hell are you doing? She sees all these weird charges,and they’re for hundreds of dollars.


She doesn’t recognize them, and then that’swhen she finds out that Grant had stolen her credit card information,and was using it to pay and watch Silvie at nightwhile the family was asleep.

Like what the heck are you doing? Y’know? Also,


it was said that Grant’s uncle,grandma, and one of his cousins all had charges on their cards,again from Grant, to watch Silvie. So, he was just bank account, at least in his family it seems.


So, Grant’s aunt, calls up Grant’s father,his name’s Chad, remember? And she’s like “Hey, listen. He stolemy credit card information” “and I have these weird charges”.


And she’s telling himeverything, right? And then that’s when Grant’s father,just had a like, full blown break down,and cried on the phone, telling her thatthis has been going on, and the family was in$150,000 worth of debt, that was caused by Grant’sspending on this website or whatever.


$150,000 in debt. Chad told her over the phone, that he didn’t think he wouldbe able to retire for years, but that, it was okay,because he wanted to do it for Grant, and he didn’t want him to go to jail. Asked her to please not press charges,and Chad promised that he would pay her back any of moneythat was made from Grant. Grant had stolen between$200,000 to $250,000 from the family, just so he couldinteract with Silvie online. So, it was like $150,000,just from his family alone, and then from his immediate family,and then his aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, like everybody else wasgetting hit around him too.


And Grant, he had a problem and the familydidn’t want him to go to prison, they knew he needed helpand not prison. So, the family, Mom, Dad, Cody,and their older brother Jason, they all came up with a planto confront Grant at their aunt’s house and have like a little intervention. The family showed up, and then theywaited outside of the aunt’s house, and then once Grant leaves the home,


he was walking out,like he’s walking back to his car, that’s when they all confront him, and they were either taking himto a treatment facility, or he was going to be cut off from the family,that’s what they’re telling him. “Hey man, we think that you have a problem.” “You’re literally stealing everybody’s money,” “and we just wanna help you, and we don’twant you to go to prison,” “so please just go to this treatment facilityand get some help.” “And y’know. We’ll definitely help you”. The family just seemed very supportiveand gave him so many chances. They just wanted to help him.


Now, it was said that Grant wasthe quiet, submissive type, and that he didn’t really say anythingwhen this happened, he was just kind of like”Okay. Yeah”.

Y’know? And that he voluntarily went to therehab clinic in South Florida. Now this clinic is mainly for people withaddiction, drug addiction and whatnot, but I mean, there really aren’t many clinicsthat focus strictly on like internet addiction. So okay, he agrees, cool. So, they drive him out there, they’re like “Yes, this is gonna be great.Y’know, Grant’s gonna change.” ”


Yippee ki-yi yay, let’s go”. So, they drive him out there to the facility,and the family pays $15,000 for him to receive 60 days of treatment,and then they all just kinda went back home. Cody and Chad, Chad’s the father,Cody is the middle child, remember? But they were able to hack intoGrant’s computer, back at the house, and then that’s when they saw like thisfake life that Grant was living online.


This is when they find outthe whole truth, y’know?


So, they saw that Grant was claimingto be a successful gamer, who lived alone, had nice cars,and just where all this money was going. This is why I can’t be a parent,’cause I would lose my shit.


Well they decided just to take mattersinto their own hands, y’know. “Let’s just reach out to all of Grant’s friends,” “and reach out to this Silvie ladyand tell her the truth”.


So, they did just that. They go on there,they message everybody, when Grant went to go talk to Silvie,there’s almost like a community, there’s like a handful of peoplewho were very loyal to Silvie, and were always there when she went live,and they all kind of became friends, they shared this interest in Silvieand kinda had a connection about that, I guess.


I’m not really sure. But he became friends with the peoplewho also viewed Silvie. So, Cody and Chad, they message everybody,and pretty much tell them the truth. Saying that Grant had been lying,that he actually lived at home, he had no job,he had a basic vehicle.


They told Silvie that Grant had beengiving her stolen money from the family, and that they were no longer allowedto contact each other. Grant’s in treatment,and he’s there for two weeks.


After two weeks, Grant leavesthe treatment center, saying that he’s cured. He’s fixed. “I’m healed, wow.I’m all good now”.


Grant apparently, allegedly,he went to the treatment center and was just telling them everythingthat they wanted to hear. Pretty much the treatment center said thatthey really couldn’t do anything for him. So, they just kinda, they let him goafter two weeks.


Grant goes back to the family home, and I don’t really know whythe family allowed him to come back home, but they did, and y’know,we can’t judge, we’re not them. So, on January 5th,Grant comes back home, and he’s allowed to stay there,but he’s gonna have some new rules, that Chad, his dad, put in place. So,


Chad and Grant sat down,and he gave Grant some ultimatums. Like, “You can either live in my house,and follow my rules,” “or you could leave, move out,or join the military”. Y’know “If you stay in my home, then you areno longer allowed to have a cellphone,” “and if you do have a cellphone,” “you’re not allowed to have onethat has internet access”. So just like a little flip phoneor something, y’know? Grant would not be allowedto use the internet at night, and they were going to take awayhis computer, out of his room, also, that he needed to get a job and startpaying off some of the debts that he owed. So, this is what Chad is telling Grant. Which sounds like whatmost parents would do, so, a lot of people do,do this. usually to like a teenager, y’know. But Grant is almost 30 years old.


So, it’s like, come on Grant,get it together man. you’re an adult,get it together. Now, the biggest andthe most upsetting rule, Grant was going to have tocut all ties with Silvie. Like it was done, he wasnot allowed to contact her. So, when Chad tells Grant like, “You can’t talk toSilvie anymore.”,


I think that’s at the momentwhen he informs Grant like, “Hey, we actually contacted her.” “Mhm.” “And we told her the truth.”,


and in my mind, that’s probably the momentthat like really just set Grant off, and probably just– I mean that would be just embarrassing,and he’s probably angry, ’cause he thinks he’sin love with this woman.


So, Chad is trying toexplain to Grant that “You’re literally putting a stranger, thatyou’ve never met, over your own family.”, and that ”


Now, the family isfinancially struggling because of this”. They’re just trying to getthrough to Grant, like open his eyes. Like, it’s not worth it. “What are you doing?We’re trying to help you”. Now grant agreed to these rulesin order to stay in the house.


It was said that Margaret,Grant’s mother, she was more sad, because her son,like her baby, she seemed to have likea soft spot for Grant. But time went on, and Grant wasseeming to follow the rules, just trying to get his life together,but it didn’t really last long.


I guess Grant would go to Margaret,his mother, ask if he could use her phone, because her phonecould access internet. And Margaret would allow himto use her phone, and talk to Silvie on twitter. On January 24th, Chad found out thatGrant was using his mother’s phone to still talk to Silvie, and told him thathe needed to get out, that he had ruined his retirementand to just leave.


Chad then left for work, Grant is said thathe was packing like a small bag, because he was gonna leave,and then Cody was at work as well, receiving text messages aboutwhat was going on back at home, because there was like an argument.


Around 9:15pm, Cody was donewith his shift at work, he told his girlfriend thathe had to go home and “Deal with stupid shit.”,


AKA the family drama thingthat was happening, and he went home. On Friday, January 25th, 2019, the sheriff’s office got a callfrom one of Cody’s friends and coworkers. He told the dispatcher thathe was concerned because Cody hadn’tshowed up for work, plus,


Cody wasn’t respondingto any text messages. And according to this friend,who had worked with, and known Cody for years, said that Cody always hadhis phone on him, and that in the years that he knew him,never came late to work, so, it was just strange thatCody wouldn’t show up. Police went out to the home toperform a welfare check at 9:17 a.m.,


they knock on the door,and they get no answer. The cars were in the driveway,and they also noticed that all the windows downstairswere covered with paper, so you couldn’t evensee in the windows.


They were able to use a knife and open the lock on a doorto the master bedroom, and then the police, y’know,walked into the home, and then they seethe body of Chad, lying on his back, on the kitchen floor,with blood just all around him. There was a pool of dried bloodin two different areas of the kitchen, and also, what seemed to be like claw marksthrough the smeared blood, as if he was trying to crawl his way acrossthe floor to get somewhere, maybe get to the phone, we’re not sure,but there’s photos. I wouldn’t recommend it. I mean, it’s better if you didn’t.


There was chicken on the counter defrosting,and Chad’s lunch box was on the floor.


It seemed like, maybe Chadhad just gotten home from work, he went to the kitchento unpack his lunch bag, take out the chicken maybe, and start dinner,when he was shot from behind.


He also had a gun and holsteron his right hip. They continue searching around the house,and they find Margaret in her office, she’s sitting in her chair and she’s slumpedover on top of her computer. She had a glass of wine on the desk,and her computer was open, and she was shot from behind.


I’m sorry, and she was dead,same with Chad as well. They also find Cody, who was dressedin his work scrubs, laying on the floor by the door to the garage,and he also had been shot, and was dead.


There was also a backpacknear him and there were two different handguns layingabout five feet away from Cody, and four bullet casingswere on the ground as well.


At first it appearedto be a murder suicide.


That Cody, may have shot hismother,


father and then himself, but once the crime scenewas looked at more closely, they had reason to believethat this was indeed, not a murder suicide.


Police had come outto the home previously, and they knew that there wasanother son, Grant. Who lived there, but he was nowhereto be found that day.


The next day, Saturday, they were ableto track down Grant’s car at a Double Tree hotelin Orange County, Florida.


And Police were ableto find like which room Grant was in, and they knock on the doorto get Grant. And on police body cam footage,you can see Grant like crawling on the groundwhen police come in, and he turns around, he’s on his knees,he turns around to be handcuffed.


At this time, they hadno evidence on Grant. There was no fingerprints found, there was no DNA linkingto like a killer at all, there was no murder weapon.


It’s believed that whoever had done this,made sure to clean up afterwards, and then stage the scene. So, Grant wasn’t under arrest, he was just being takenin for questioning. And so, Grant goes in for questioning,and he would there for over seven hours, just talking to investigators about what’sbeen going on within the last few months,


the problems they were having,and the money problems, pretty much just everythingwe talked about right now.


He was really honest. Well… (scoffs) But he was,


he was likehonest about the money and the girl and stuff, he didn’t try and likemake anything up.


But he told investigators thatChad had confronted him about Silvie on the night of the 24th, and that Chad told himhe needed to leave the house.


Grant said that he packed a bag,and then he left the house, but before he left,Cody had stopped him, and said that he wouldpromise to take care of their parents, and try to calm down the situation.


Grant told investigators that when he left,everyone was alive and fine. Grant was trying to set it upto investigators in a way that made it sound like Codywas going to “talk to the parents”, and then he left the houseand he had no idea what happened after that. So, he’s suggesting like “I don’t know. Cody saidhe was gonna deal with it”.


And you can actually watchthe full questioning video on YouTube. But here’s the kicker.


Here’s the kicker, Grant. Grant. Some of us are very observant, okay? And we noticed something, Grant.


He’s claiming he left the house,he had nothing to do with anything, right? He’s like”I left, y’know everyone was alive.” ”


I don’t know”. Well then Grant, how come in thoseHOURS of questioning, not once did Grant ask, “Hey, why am I here?” “What happened to my family?” “Why you are asking me about–” “Why you asking me questionsin the first place?”. Hello. So, he’s trying to give off this impressionthat he’s completely innocent.


He hasn’t even been toldwhat happened to his family yet, okay? So… And grant if you’re so innocent,why was it when police came to the hotel, you automatically got on your kneesand turn around to be arrested? If he knew whathappened to his family, I would assume that youwould not ask questions, as far as like “Why am I here?”


and stuff, But if you didn’t know,your first question would be like “What the hell? Why am I here?” “Why are you knockingat my hotel door?”.


Stupid ass. He’s a stupid ass. Yet Grant didn’t even ask. About halfway intothe interrogation is when finally, one of thedetectives pulls out like photos of the crime scenesand shows it to Grant. Asking him if that’s, y’know,how he left the house. “Was that how your mother looked?”, and like shows hima picture of his mother’s body. And he does again like”Or what about Chad and Cody?”,


and shows Grant pictures of their bodiesand like the whole gory scene. And Grant appears to be very upset,but claims that he had nothing to do with this.


Grant said that the family had beenblaming him for months for ruining their lives,stealing from them, and not following anyof the rules set in place, so, he might as well be blamed for this too,like he was just being such a diva.


Grant originally said thathe had packed his bag, and then left the housearound 9:30 p.m., and that his family was fine, and then his story changed, and he said he left


around12:30 in the morning, and spent the nightin a grocery store parking lot, then drove to a job interviewin the morning. Investigators were pushing, trying to get somekind of confession from Grant, but he stood by his innocence. Grant’s older brother Jason,the one who lives on his own, and the only member that’s still alive,well besides Grant, but Grant, is a piece of shit.


Jason comes down, he’s called downand informed about what happened.


Obviously, Jason’s extremely upset. But they did allow a one on onemeeting with Jason and Grant. You see Jason walk in and give Grant a hug,and then just sit down and press grant for some answers,asking him if he had anything to do with it, “Please just tell me,I need closure.


I need to know.” “And I would be very upset if I heard froman attorney, or the media, that you did it,” “instead of yourself.”,this is what Jason’s saying to Grant.


Jason just seems likethe kindest person ever, completely devastated thathe just lost his whole family, and the only onewho lived at that house, and was still alive,had no answers for him.


Jason didn’t seem likeangry or aggressive at all, just asking for the truth, it’s just– Oh, it’s so sad to watch.


Based off what I watched and heard,and read in the court documents, it’s like,


it just seemed like this familyreally cared about one another, and it’s just so heart breaking. By the end of the meeting,Jason tells Grant that he thought he hadsomething to do with it, and that he just didn’t knowwhat to do now.


Grant though, stood by his innocence, but also, just didn’t even say much. I guess he wasn’t much of a talker in general,so it wasn’t unusual.


Grant was releasedon the 26th, because again they had no evidenceshowing that he did it. They had no fingerprints, no DNA,nothing linking him to the crime.


So, detectives knew they weregoing to have to build like a really strong caseagainst him in order to get a conviction.


I mean, he’s the only onewho had a motive.


Yeah, all signs are pointing to him,but there’s actually no physical evidence, and that’s wherethey were struggling.


So, they let him out, and… (scoffs) Investigators question anyoneclose to the family, and they get more information about Grant’s relationship withhis online girlfriend, the money.


Cody’s girlfriend told investigators that,Cody had told her, that he was afraid thatGrant would kill everyone, and at the same time, crime scene investigatorsare building their case.


It was determined that it was NOTa murder suicide, due to many things. Cody, his body was on the floornext to the door, which lead to the garage, but there was no blood on the doorbehind him, or the door frame, which meant that the door had been openedwhen Cody was shot.


So, someone had to shut the doorAFTER Cody was shot. Like if you die,you can’t shut a door. Also, it was determined thatCody’s body had been moved.


There was a pool of blood at his feet,and no blood near his head, so, it was determined that his bodywas like moved around.


Also, it was determined that Codywas shot from three feet away, which again, proves that it wasn’ta murder like, suicide.


So, it was determined that Chadwas shot from behind, and that the first shotdidn’t kill him, so he was trying to likemove across the floor, and that’s why there were likestreaks in the blood, showing that he was trying to move, but then he was shot againwhile on the kitchen floor.


He was again, kinda moved around in a way,that made it look like Cody had shot him.


And then Margaret was not moved,but she was shot from behind, at her desk, and that just killed her. Grant was arrested and charged withthree counts of premeditated murder.


On him they found a pair of leather gloves,a credit and debit card, which belonged tohis father and brother Cody. He also had his passport with him, which led investigators to believe thatmaybe he was gonna try and flee, go see his girlfriend,Silvie, y’know?


There was also a handwritten note found inGrant’s possession signed from Cody. In the note it pretty much said,


“I’m sorry for what’s going on,” “and I’ll take care of it,don’t worry”,


I’m not gonna go too much intodetail about what it said, because it was later determinedthat it written by Grant, to kinda feed into the murder suicidestoryline he was trying to create. Which is pathetic, because it waslike his own brother.


I’m like– (frustrated slurp) So, his trial was in July of 2019, and he still claimedthat he was innocent.


Grant’s team suggested thatmaybe someone broke into the house, maybe it was a drug deal gone bad, because they had found a small amountof marijuana in the home, so,


they were like “Oh yeah, they were dealing drugs.” “How many drugs?” “There was lots of drugs!” “Marijuana?” “Oh my god.” “Drug deal?”.


Like they just foundthat Marijuana, and were like “That’s it, drug deal gone bad.”, y’know? Based off forensic evidence,it was determined that Margaret was shot in the head from behind,as she sat at her desk.


The last activity on Margaret’s computerwas at 4:44 p.m., so, it’s believed that this, y’know, kindastarted at that time. Cody and Chad were not home yet,when Grant shot his mother.


Then Chad came home,his father, around 5:30 p.m., he went to the kitchento put his stuff away, get dinner started, that’s when Grant quietlyapproached him from behind, and shot his father.


And investigators knew this,because on Chad’s iPhone, it was tracking all of his steps,through one of those, like fitness apps, y’know? The step counters.


So, they could see how many steps Chad took,and then when it stopped.


Then Cody arrived homefrom work around 10 p.m., and he walked through the garagethat connects to the house, he walked in the door, and thenthat’s when Grant just shot him.


Then it’s said that Grant spentseveral hours at the home, moving the bodies around and staging it tolook like, again, a murder suicide.


Remember how I mentioned thatthere were four bullets shell casings on the ground?


And it was determined that thefour bullets that were found, or the shells I should say, did not come from any of the handguns thatwere found in the home.


They came from an unknown weapon,and the gun that it came from was never found.


Also, Chad, the father,had a gun holster on his right hip, and it was later proved that this wasplaced on him after his death.


There was a spot of blood on Chad’s pants,under the holster, which wouldn’t havebeen able to get there if he was indeed wearingthe holster when he was shot.


Around midnight, it was determined that Chadhad logged into his banking app on his iPhone using the fingerprint readeron the night that he had died.


Also, it was shown that money wastransferred from Chad, his bank, to Grant’s bank accountthrough the app. Jesus, I know.


When investigatorslooked at Chad’s finger, they saw that it had beenwiped clean, and it’s believed that Grant, cleaned his dead dad’s finger.


Cleaned the finger,and then used it to log into his phone.


What kinda specialfucked up is that? When I read that, I was like “What the…?”.


That same night, after murderinghis whole family, Grant also used Cody’s, his brother, hisbrothers credit card, to pay and watch Silvie,sending her over $600, while sitting in his car,in the grocery store parking lot at three in the morning.


So, after he murdered his family,he drives to a grocery store parking lot, sits there and watches Silvie. What the fuck? Yeah, yeah.


I don’t even know what to say.


Just unbelievable. So, they had found gloves in Grant’s possessionat the time of his arrest.


and they were taken in to be testedfor gun powder residue, which it came back positive. Grant said that’s because he wore thesegloves all the time when he shot, but numerous witnesses said thathe rarely wore these gloves, like ever.


On Grant’s computer, a typed-outletter was found, by Grant, to send to Silvie, and to someof his friends he made online.


And this letter was typedtwo days before the murders. It’s long, so I’ll give youlike a little summary. Pretty much Grant apologizesfor lying about himself, and confesses that he isn’t successful,and that he lives at home, that he lied because he wanted to stand outto Silvie, and like get her attention.


Grant said that his family found out aboutthe money spent and “ambushed” him,


then forcefully made him go to a clinicfor his unhealthy addiction to Silvie and cam girls. He then goes on to say that everything his family mentioned to Silviewas a lie to poison his image. He then says that he will never be able toforgive himself for making Silvie sad and for betraying her trust in him.


He begs for her forgivenessand asks for “an actual second chance”,


then going on to say that he will do whateverit takes to be able to show the real him. This letter is eight pages long,just begging for forgiveness, and how he will never get over Silvie,and how he never plans to replace her. And towards the endof the eight-page letter he says, “I can’t give up on herand I never will”. ”


She is my everything.” “I will give her my life to simply be ableto make her smile again”.


Dramatic much? The jury spent, I believe,like eight hours, and they come back,and give Grant his verdict. Mind you he showedno emotion during the trial, even when his older brother took the standand just cried over his lost family, Grant just looked like a vampire. Like he kinda looks like thiscreepy ass vampire, and he was just cold, balding, emotionless,fragile looking… Vampire. I don’t know, it was just likeso uncomfortable to watch.


In the very beginning,in like the opening statements, I believe Grant started cryingwhen they showed pictures of, y’know.


the parents’ and his brother’sbodies to the jury, and throughout the whole thing though,just nothing, it was weird.


But then I guess at one point they show thejury like a picture of Silvie on the screen, and Grant, like his eyes are just kinda likefixated on Silvie, on the big screen.


And it’s just like,oh my god dude. Really? Like you’re whole family’s deadand you’re still obsessed with her? I don’t– Yep.


Anyways, the jury decided not togive him the death penalty, instead they sentenced him to life in prison,without the possibility of parole. Grant Amato will be spendingthe rest of his life in prison.


To this day, he still claimsthat he is innocent, and when approached by mediaasking for an interview, he said he wouldbe open to doing so,


only if the company would maybe helpcover costs to get him out of prison,


or if they could put him in touch with a millionairewho would help him get out of prison. Yeah.


He thinks that’s gonna happen.


He’s still denying. Deny, deny, deny, deny.


Even though all signspoint to you Grant.


Grant says he has quitea few pen pals in prison, and people y’know support and stand by himand are rooting for him to get out.


And you’re probably wondering,well what the heck happened to Silvie? ‘Cause yeah I had questions too.


Some people were thinking, y’know,maybe Silvie was involved somehow? Or maybe she waspressuring Grant to do it?


Or maybe tosteal the money? Y’know, maybe somethingmore was going on.


Well, I don’t really know what happenedto her to be honest.


I tried to find out! Okay,


I went throughthe court documents. Mind you, there’s likethousands of court documents, so,


I mean, maybe I missed it,but I couldn’t find anything.


There were two nameson the witness list that were blacked out,


I’m thinking that it was maybe Silvie? I don’t know, we don’t know.


I’m assuming that Silvie was questioned,because why wouldn’t she be? I feel like that would make sense.


But in the opening statements, it was suggestedlike, Silvie may not be her real name.


So, I was thinking that maybe Silviewas like her cam girl name, and she didn’t want her real nameout there in the public, like when it was y’know, in court,and in the media and whatnot. That’s what I’m thinking. But I’m sure they questioned her, right? They had to.


I personally have a feeling that Silvie, I don’t think she had any ideaof what Grant was really doing.


I’m sure that she was just, y’know,accepting the money from him. I mean who wouldn’t.


You don’t question every customerthat comes into your store, you just take the moneyand they get the fuck out.


So, I feel like she probablydidn’t know, but who knows? (mumbles) I don’t know. So that is the horrible story about GrantAmato,


and what he did to his poor family. Rest in peace to Chad,Margaret, and Cody Amato.


Who’s lives were takenbecause of this selfish, entitled brat, who sadly wastheir own son. Shesh. Stories like this are just heart


breaking, because it seems like this family, who truly was trying to do everythingthey could for their son, or just their family in general. But Grant, who knows what the fuckwas going on with him?


Because, he was acting likean entitled teenager. A 30-year-old teenager.


It’s just unbelievable. And like for what? For some titties!? Like come on. What was his plan? Jeez, so many questions.


What a gross human being. I’ll link down in thedescription box, y’know, the videos, if you wannacheck them out.


You could see him talkingto his brother and stuff.


Oh, it’s just sad. But Grant is just so creepy,and just suspiciously quiet.


Thank you, guys, so much forhanging out with me today. Let me know your thoughts down below. I think naturally a lot of peoplewanna say like “Well, why didn’t the familydo this and do that?”, it’s like well, y’know,we don’t know. We don’t know


And the whole thingsjust sad, poor family.


I don’t want kids, because what ifI have one of these shitheads.


Oh. I don’t know what I would– I would be pissed.



I hope you have a wonderfulrest of your day. Please, please, please,


stay safe out there. Make good choices. But most of all if you have kids, I don’twanna tell you how to parent, but make sure to monitor whatyour kids are doing online.

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I wanna say a big thank you to CaseTiFY forpartnering with me on today’s video. Let me know who you want me to talk aboutnext week, but other than that, I love you guys! I appreciate you guys! And I’ll be seeing you later!

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