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Dating Tips For man

friend! Today’s Artical is titled online dating tips for men. How to actually be   successful and stop being ghosted. Wouldn’t you love to be able to meet an amazing woman online?   No one wants to be lonely, right? And the current challenges can make it a little stressful to try   and meet new good women.

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But have you ever been in this situation where you like tried to message her   and they never get back with you, or they reject you? Being ghosted and being rejected isn’t fun,   is it? Well,

when it comes to online dating there are some things you have to know if you are going   to be successful.

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We’re going to be going over some of those tips in this video so make sure   you watch to the end if you want to avoid being rejected and instead be successful. Before we   dive into those tips if this is your first time watching one of my videos, welcome! My name is  Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men. I teach you how to stop wasting your time and   your energy on bad and dead-end relationships by learning the skills you need to get your dream   girl and your dream relationship.

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So make sure you subscribe, ring the notification bell, and   give me a big thumbs up. Okay, let’s talk about online dating. If you have not been successful   in online dating just know that that is normal. That does happen and you are not broken. A lot of   people think that online dating doesn’t work and that it’s full of scams and it’s just a joke. The   truth is though tons of people meet online and so many people have their dream relationships   because they met someone online. The trick is if online dating isn’t working it’s because you   don’t know how to do it right. It’s not that it doesn’t work or that it’s full of scammers. It’s   that you have to know the right things so that you do not attract those scammers.

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So that instead you   attract the type of woman you’re really wanting to meet. That makes sense, right? With that let’s   dive into these online dating tips so you can stop being rejected, stop being ghosted, and   instead meet a really amazing woman. So my first online dating tip is that your profile picture   is not everything, but it is important. And not in the way that you think. First impressions   are everything. Something you need to realize when it comes to online dating is she is just   as afraid, if not more afraid, than you are of being scammed or being hurt or someone   not being honest, not being real. So if there is anything that makes her feel uncomfortable or  nervous in any way she’s going to keep scrolling because there are so many other opportunities  to meet people online.

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Andso if there’s anything that makes her nervous in any way she’s going to   keep scrolling. And so you really want your profile picture to make a really good first   impression.

This obviously means that you want to be well groomed and have a nice smile on your   face and really put your best foot forward. If your profile picture looks cluttered or cheesy or if there’s a ton of people in the picture or if you’re really small in the picture she’s going to keep scrolling. Online dating is actually one of the things I cover in my program. And something


Ireally enjoyed teaching in that program is about how to take a really nice picture.   Many people don’t know this about me, but I have a little bit of a background in photography.   So many people think that they’re just not photogenic.

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That’sa totally normal thing to   think. But the truth is it’s not that they’re not photogenic it’s that they don’t know how to take a   good picture. If you take a picture at a bad angle or in bad lighting or if it’s a cluttered picture   that can make you appear like you’re not photogenic when really it’s just how the picture   was taken. So just know that selfies are totally fine, you just need to make sure that you do get   a really good angle, you get good lighting, and that your background isn’t cluttered.   So don’t just assume “oh I have to look like a supermodel in order for this picture to be nice.”   That’s not the case at all. She’s just looking to connect with a really awesome guy. And so   you want to make sure that the way you compose your picture shows her that you’re not scammy,   you’re not cheesy, you’re not weird, you’re just an awesome guy who would be fun to meet. Let’s   move on to my next online dating tip. After she notices your picture she’s going to look at your   bio. And again you want to give her no reason to keep scrolling, no reason to feel uncomfortable or   nervous or like this isn’t a good idea. So the way you craft your bio is actually very important. If   it is boring or if it’s overly preachy or really needy and sappy and cheesy and trying too hard,   she’s done. Some of the biggest mistakes I see are being really needy, like telling how many kids you   want to have or how desperately you want a wife. Another big mistake is trying too hard to be   romantic or attractive or super hot. “Oh I like long walks on the beach.” You know,   things like that. That’s just like “whoa, okay that’s too much.” It makes her think that you just   want something from her. Another big mistake is being too preachy. If your bio is full of   like scriptures and how much you want a Godly relationship and all of that,   that’s too personal for someone she doesn’t really know and it pushes her away, causes her to keep   scrolling. And another big mistake is just being boring or not letting her know anything about you.   She is looking to see if she would enjoy getting to know you better. And if there’s nothing that   lets her know that you guys would have anything in common she’s gonna keep scrolling. It’s kind   of like meeting someone in person.


You would never walk up to someone and say “Hi. My name is John.   I want a dog and three kids.” That would freak her out, right? Instead you’d say, “hey,   I’m John. Nice to meet you. How’s your day been so far?” So you want to make sure that you’re   not too personal. What that does is that creeps her out and freaks her out and causes her to keep   scrolling. You don’t want to overwhelm her. It doesn’t matter how awesome you are, if you make   these really easy mistakes to make, that’s what’s going to cause you to be rejected and ghosted and   feel like online dating doesn’t work at all. Now speaking of being a really awesome guy   and being rejected and ghosted, would you like to learn the three biggest reasons that happens,   the three biggest mistakes that will keep you single and alone forever? Those are valuable   things to know, right? I just put together a free masterclass for you on this. You’re going to learn   the three biggest mistakes and the three biggest secrets to instead getting your dream girl. So   if you’re tired of being lonely and rejected and being so awesome but still being alone make sure   you watch this free masterclass. There’s a link in the description below. I will also put a link in   the pinned comment. The things I teach you in that masterclass are how you go from lonely to holding   your dream girl so make sure you give it a watch. Okay, back to our online dating tips. Our next tip   is make sure that you have a game plan for how to message girls. It doesn’t matter how awesome your   profile picture is or how awesome your bio is if when you message her or try to chat with her if it   is awkward or makes her uncomfortable in any way she’s done. And some of the mistakes I mentioned   in writing your bio are really easy to make when you’re chatting with her. For instance, being   really needy or too personal like “oh I want a dog and three kids” or “how many kids would you like   to have?” Another really important thing I love to teach in my program when it comes to online dating   is realize that right now she doesn’t want to be your wife. She doesn’t know you yet. And so, yeah,   knowing that you want a Godly relationship and that you want a dog and three kids, that’s really   cute, if she’s been dating you for a while, if she wants to be your girlfriend, if she is your girlfriend.

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Those are all really cute things, but if she doesn’t know you yet that’s creepy,   that freaks her out, that’s pushing an emotional barrier. You guys have no emotional closeness yet,   because you don’t know each other. So talking about those things too soon is going to freak   her out. Instead, like I mentioned earlier, you need to treat it like meeting someone in person   and chatting with someone in person. You want to be friendly with her, you want to get to know her   better, and you want her to have an opportunity to get to know you better. It’s just two people   seeing if they have anything in common. So having a game plan, knowing what to say,   is going to help you so much. Because this right here, messaging and chatting with her,   that can kill the attraction so fast. It’s very important that you have a game plan. To learn a   little bit more about how to talk to girls do make sure you watch this video. I will put a   link in the description below for that. So are you enjoying these online dating tips and is it   making sense so far? I would love to hear which of these tips you are finding the most helpful, which   one you are going to focus on first. Please tell me about it in the comments below. And if you are   enjoying this video and you would like more online dating tips and and more advice in the future   please be sure to comment ‘online dating’ so I know to make those for you. All right, are you   ready for our next tip? Our next tip is to take it offline as soon as you can. A really good way to   end up with a toxic woman or to end up being scammed or to just end up in the friend zone is to   keep it online. Obviously it’s a good idea to chat and message online for a while, get to know each   other, see how how you get along, and then you want to start talking on the phone or better yet  video chatting. This is going to help you one, make sure it’s a real person, and help you kind of   read her tone of voice and her body language, see if you guys have chemistry, and really help you   know if this is a good idea and if you’d like to pursue this relationship at all.

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Then after you’ve   been doing that for a while you do want to meet in person. You don’t want to put too much pressure on   yourselves and meet too soon but you do want to meet in person. Make sure you just do it in a   public place for the first little while. And this leads me to my next online dating tip which is   make sure you know how to charm her offline as well as online. This is a big big thing that   a lot of guys forget to think about. You need to make sure that you know how to flirt with her, how   to talk to her, how to interact with her in person and basically you want to make sure you have solid   dating and relationship skills. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter how awesome you were chatting   in person it’s going to fall apart. This happens for so many people. Bottom line, men with solid   dating and relationship skills get their dream girl. Men who don’t have those skills, don’t. So   you do want to make it a priority to make sure you have those solid dating and relationship skills.   Now this is actually something else I do cover in that free masterclasses I talked about.   So if you want to make sure you really set yourself up for success instead of setting   yourself up for another failed relationship do make sure you watch that free masterclass now. 

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Our first online dating tip is to know that your profile picture is not everything.   This is not about looking like a supermodel, but it is important. You just need to make sure that   you’re paying attention to those little details. Making sure you have a big smile, making sure that   the picture isn’t too far away, there aren’t too many people in it, or that your background isn’t   cluttered. Your profile picture is what initially gets her to stop scrolling so make sure it’s a   good one. My next online dating tip is to make sure your bio is carefully crafted. You don’t   want to be needy or look like you’re trying too hard to be romantic or that you’re just plain   boring or even preachy. You want to instead be interesting and someone she really could see   herself getting to know better. Next, make sure you have a game plan for how you are going to   message her and how you are going to talk to her. It doesn’t matter how awesome your profile picture   and your bio are if she’s uncomfortable or bored or just doesn’t feel good about it when you are   chatting and messaging it’s done. My next online dating tip is to take it offline as soon as you   can. Make sure you start talking in the phone and video chatting and when it’s time make sure   you do meet her in person. You want to see how you guys interact together. And make sure that   you know how to charm her offline too. Texting and chatting and messaging online is one thing,   but actually knowing how to flirt and talk to her and how to act on a date and all of those things,   that’s another thing entirely. And if you are looking for a long-term relationship   how you interact in person is far more important than how you interact online. So do make sure you   have those solid dating and relationship skills. As I mentioned you’re going to learn more about   that in my free masterclass so make sure you check it out through the link in the description below.   Thank you so much for watching my amazing friend! If you enjoyed what you saw be sure to give me a   big thumbs up. And if you haven’t yet subscribed do that now and ring the notification bell.

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I want to hear from you in the comments. Would you like more videos with online dating tips?   If you would be sure to comment ‘online dating’ so that I know. And I want to hear which one of   these tips surprised you the most and which one you found the most helpful. Do you have a friend   who would really like to meet someone awesome online and is sick of being ghosted? If you do   please share this with him. If we’re not yet friends on social media we totally need to be   so check out the links for that in the description below. I would love to connect with you there.   Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day! [blooper beep] Are you trying- I’m trying really hard but my brain is not cooperating. We’re just gonna pause here   and wait for the jet to leave. Here we are waiting oh so patiently for the jet leave. [laughter] This is me waiting, patiently, for the jet to leave. In case you were wondering. [laughter]   It’s fine. I can never focus because the jets are always going. [laughter] Interrupting me. So insensitive. [laughter]

Lfirst I’m going to tell you what’s wing with dating itself then I’m gonna tell you what is wrong with absolutelyfree dating websites. First of all, dating itself is cheap andnasty. I don’t like it because it wastes a lot of time. You often end up inmeaningless, short-term hookups, relationships, one that stands etc. Andover time that literally drains the humanity out of you. It leaves you another but a former shell of yourself. There are free online dating websites,because they’re absolutely free, they’re full of scammers, they’re full of incomplete profiles, they’re full of people that are not willing to invest anything.

It’s full of cheapskate, it’s full of people that have multiple profiles across multiple websites and they’re ill managed. And you’ll just be wasting your time. if you’re looking for something long-term, maybe you want to become of y’all husband, wife, then you need Gomarry.com. GoMarry.com is the world’s first-year ‘Marriage Only Matchmaking Website’. It takes away all the guesswork,it gives you a better alternative to dating which I will talk about in one second. And everybody on this website is of a similar mindset, they want to be in long-term relationships, they want to settle down, they want to get married and they want to start a family. Now coming back to the alternative to dating, as the founder of GoMarry.com I encourage all of our users to ditch dating and go for’M Meetings’. ‘Marriage Meetings’ are a much more formal way of dating. Let mego into a bit details, when we’re dating, we’re there to woo the other person,we’re dolled up, we’re at a fancy place. And seldom are we actually our tries elves. So, what happens is you’re giving misinformation, they’re giving us formation. And you never ask all the tough questions, all the questions that actually matter to you because you’re scared, the person is not going to like you or they’re going to think that you’re weird or something and they’re going to dump you. And then you have to start all over again.’Marriage Meetings’ is essentially a question-asking session. There’s not two of you like conventional dating, there’s four of you, there’s an extra representative, an extra chaperone there. A friend, a colleague, a boss, aunt and uncle. Somebody there who looks out for you and helps you ask all the tough questions and make sure that you stay true to yourself. That way, within a handful of days, without having to sleep with anybody, without having to invest yourself emotionally, you are fully informed about the other person. And you make a much better decision and even if you walk away, there’s no emotional baggage to carry on to the next relationship. Now, if you are short of questions I have written a book over two years, it’s called’101 Questions To Ask Each Other Before Getting Married’. I’m giving away a copy and purely free to everybody. The details are in the description. I’ve got Kindle version, I’ve got the paperback version which you have to unfortunately pay for and that’s from Amazon. The free version it’s there, take it, it’s full of questions like ‘How’s your financial health?’, ‘How’s your credit score?’, ‘Can you have children?”, “Do you want to have children?’, ‘How’s your mental health?’, “Do you have any hereditary diseases?’, ‘Can you drive?’ etc etc. Whatever in that book is the most relevant to you, make a list of it take, it along and ask those questions so you can be better informed. That said, I’m Azad Azad Chawal Gomarry.com, Good Luck!

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Hey ladies, it’s your favourite dating coachhere… of course as you guys know my name is Amy North, and dating advice videos likethis one are what I do, so let’s dive straight into today’s topic, which is…. Drum roll please…. Online dating. Yes, online dating is what this video is allabout. More specifically, I’m going to talk abouthow to find great guys on internet dating sites like Match.com, eHarmony, etc. Now, I can hear some of you ladies groaningalready, so let me address you skeptics out there watching this right now… there reallyare awesome guys on dating websites. Lots of them. The key is to weed out all the weirdos andfake profiles, and hone in on the ones that are actually worth your time. Even if you’ve tried online dating in thepast and it was a complete disaster, I encourage you to give it another try…. Except this time, employ all the tips andsuggestions I’m about to talk about in this video. Before I get into some of those little-knowtips, let’s first quickly review the advantages of online dating: 1.) You can find and meet way more guys. Offline, you can meet guys at the bar, throughmutual friends, at work, or through a random encounter at the grocery store, the gym, etc. But what if your Mr Perfect lives on the otherside of town, doesn’t ever visit your gym or your favourite pub, and doesn’t haveany friends in common? By going online, you’re able to access awhole lot more guys that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to meet or interact with. 2.) You can target your search. I’ve worked with some coaching clients whoare only interested in dating men who share their religious beliefs, for example…. And dating websites let you narrow your searchto like-minded guys, so you can join a site for Christians, for instance, and then you’llknow before you even meet a guy that he’s going to meet that criteria. There are weird niche dating sites out there,too… FarmersOnly, for instance, which is a sitefor single farmers. Or GlutenFreeSingles, if you’re lookingto date someone with Celiac disease. There’s weirder ones, too, but I’ll leaveyou to find those on your own….. 3.) You don’t have to put in much effort. No need to get dolled up and hit the clubto meet guys if you’re using a dating site… once you create a good profile, you can sitback and wait for men to message you. (Now, that’s not always the best way tomeet guys online, but it’s definitely possible, because there are way more men on dating websitesthan there are women.) 4.) You can do your homework before the firstdate. You know what sucks? Showing up at a blind date that your friendshave set up for you, only to discover your ‘date’ looks like a shabby, balding trolland has a personality to match. With online dating, you can at least chatwith a guy and learn a bit about him before you agree to meet in person, which reducesthe chance of a tragic first date. Those are four of the biggest advantages ofonline dating… but there are also a few drawbacks. Most importantly, personal safety. Much like the offline world, there are somecreepy dudes with bad intentions on dating sites, so you need to be careful not to disclosetoo many personal details and be cautious when you first meet in person. Follow basic safety stuff like that, and you’llbe fine. A second drawback to online dating is actuallythe same as one of the advantages I just talked about: you’ve got your choice of thousandsof men online. That’s a good thing, but it’s also a badthing if it leads to you being way too picky… so, resist the temptation to delete messagesfrom men who don’t exactly match your idea of the perfect guy. Scientists call this the “tyranny of choice,”but I personally think it’s generally a good problem to have. OK, now, just a quick break here before Igo any further… ladies, if you have a question or comment about the stuff I’m talking aboutin this video, just post it in the comments below. I read all your comments, and I try to respondto every single one, especially questions from those of you who’ve already subscribedto my YouTube channel. So click that subscribe button and post yourthoughts in the comments below and I’ll get back to you. Alright, let’s move on and talk about someof the things you should do to maximize your chance of meeting your soulmate online. These are all ‘best practices’ and ifyou’re at all serious about using dating sites to meet guys, then I strongly encourageyou to put them all into practice. Choose the website wisely. As I mentioned, there are hundreds of datingsites out there, and some are better than others. Unless you’re only interested in datingfarmers, guys who don’t eat gluten, Catholics, etc, then I suggest you sign up for a coupleof the biggest, most well-known dating sites, such as Match.com, eHarmony, and PlentyOfFish. Those sites will usually have tons of malemembers who live in your area. Those “matchmaking algorithms” that somedating sites advertise are generally pretty useless, but they do have one advantage: theyweed out the creeps who are just looking to get laid, because most of those losers aretoo lazy to spend an hour filling out questionnaires. Similarly, if you’re looking for a long-termrelationship and not just someone to hook up with, then choose a paid dating site ratherthan one of the free ones, because anyone willing to pay for a subscription is goingto be a lot more serious about finding love online. Build a great profile. Writing a good profile isn’t as hard asyou might imagine. First, choose the right photo: that meanschoosing a picture that’s flattering, but not obviously unrealistic or provocative…if you’re looking for a husband here, ladies, then your profile pic should not be 90% cleavage. It’s also never a bad idea to upload 1 or2 photos of you with other good-looking guys… friends, exes, etc… this subtly conveysthe message that you’re desirable and wanted by men, and subconsciously makes you moreattractive in the eyes of any guys looking at your profile. As for the actual profile itself, don’toverthink things. It’s OK to leave out certain details thataren’t so flattering, or to be a bit vague (especially when it comes to personal details),but don’t outright lie in your profile writeup. All that does is lead to awkward, disappointingfirst dates. Keep it brief, highlight a few of your moreattractive qualities without bragging, and try to mix in a joke or amusing anecdote. Write properly, too… I’ve had several of my coaching clientscomplain about their lack of online dating success, only to discover their profile lookslike it was written by a 5-year-old. Instead of making that mistake, just use properspelling and real sentences, OK? 3.) Don’t automatically delete all the randommessages you receive on dating sites. Yes, I know it can be overwhelming to have25 new messages arrive each day, especially if most of them are absolute garbage. Scan your inbox for messages that look evenremotely like a possibility, and read the message and view the guy’s profile beforeyou trash it. If you’d be a great catch for any man — andI’m sure you would be! — then you’re bound to receive messages from normal, qualitymen every now and then. 4.) Put in some effort. I know I said that online dating takes almostno effort on your part, but that’s not the best way to use dating websites… in fact,you’ll have the most success if you browse through profiles and reach out to any guysthat spark your interest. Don’t forget that online dating is totallydifferent for guys, so unless a guy looks like Ryan Reynolds, his inbox is going tobe empty. By taking the initiative and reaching outto all the guys who meet your criteria, you’re almost guaranteed to get responses from mostof the guys you contact. Don’t be picky when it comes to who youcontact, especially at first. But, that said, do be careful any time yousee a profile that looks too good to be true… I hate to break it to you ladies, but it’sunlikely that someone with a fitness magazine physique claiming to be a brain surgeon andphilanthropist is really who he says he is. Don’t bother with any guys whose profileslook fishy or too perfect. 5.) Exchange a few messages before you agree tomeet in person. Don’t have a 6-month pen pal relationshipwith a guy before your first date, because research has shown that too much talk beforemeeting a man is actually a bad thing. But you do want to get some basic info aboutthe guy — can he read and write like an adult? Does he have a job? A sense of humour? Is he looking for a ‘casual fling’ ora ‘serious relationship’? After you get a sense of that basic stuff,if you’re still interested, call him and ask to meet for coffee. The sooner you meet him in person, the sooneryou’ll be able to decide if he’s a waste of time or a worthy of another date. 6.) Be smart when planning the first in-personmeeting. First of all, always insist on having yourfirst date with a guy you meet online in a public setting. Meet for coffee at Starbucks, a bar afterwork, go bowling, etc. This is a no-brainer for your own safety. Secondly, you want to make sure you have aneasy, believable escape plan in case the date is a disaster. Meeting for coffee, for instance, doesn’trequire you to commit to spending a couple of hours with this guy, like going to a moviewould. If things are going well, you can turn a coffeedate into a dinner date, but you can also bail after 20 minutes and it won’t be weird. Another excellent way to do this is to aska friend to call you 10 or 15 minutes into the date, so that if you need a way out, youcan pretend it’s your boss on the phone and use that as an excuse to bail early…. Or, if things are going well, you can justignore the call completely. Now, to be perfectly honest, a lot of womencan get to this point on their own… much of the stuff I’ve just talked about is hardlyrocket science. But when it comes to the second date, or turninga casual fling into a real relationship, that’s where things go sour for a ton of women…even really beautiful, successful women often struggle to get men to commit or keeping guysfrom losing interest. Please visit my website,


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To watch my full how-to video that offers a ton of additional advice on how to understand and talk to men. I share a few sneaky tips for making sure you keep your man interested, and avoid unknowingly doing something to push him away. Again, you can see that whole video for free at hatching ladies, I’ll see you next time!


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